What are the Top Ten Ways to Have a paperless board meeting software?

One of the most important features of paperless board meetings is the emphasis on video conferencing and presentation content. With visuals replacing long spreadsheets and documents, board meetings can be shorter and, therefore, more effective. Here are the top ten vendors to have paperless board software.

Why do boards move into the virtual format?

Although digital transformation is always associated with innovation and breakthrough technologies, this is only part of success. The use of digital and data are tools of change, not an end in themselves. Business and operational models of digital transformation are also based on the requests and expectations of customers. The flow of processes accelerates tenfold, becoming the new norm to which businesses must comply. Often, companies spend huge amounts of money on maintaining outdated paper technologies for organizing board meetings that have long ceased to bring much profit and do not meet the requirements of the digital market. It is expensive to keep outdated paper technologies in working order and even more costly to modernize them. In addition, more than one person is needed for their maintenance. Spending money on the latest virtual technology and expanding the customer pool is much easier than going broke trying to maintain an unprofitable tool slowly.

Therefore, many companies set up paperless board meeting software to automate and make the board`s activity more productive. The technology of holding virtual reality meetings, conferences, and seminars is aimed at overcoming long distances and limitations of the physical world. With a stable Internet connection, board members can access a virtual board meeting room with rich multimedia capabilities. Among them are a virtual desktop, voice communication through avatars, integration of familiar services, volumetric modeling, visual distribution of data, and other resources.

The board software is suitable for representatives of any industry in which internal interaction between employees and external contact between the team and customers, partners, and contractors is an important part of the workflow. The quality of interaction with board software increases dramatically, and additional communication opportunities appear that do not require extra efforts or costs from the parties.

The top ten ways to set up the board software

So, the implementation of paperless board meeting software helps increase board collaboration efficiency by creating a comfortable, secure communication space that provides access to distributed storage of digital resources and a new generation of video conferencing that supports the natural nature of face-to-face communication.

If you want to implement a paperless board meeting software, there are the top ten highly-evaluated software providers:

  1. ContractZen
  2. Boardmaps
  3. Sherpany
  4. Ansarada Board
  5. Convene
  6. Diligent
  7. OnBoard
  8. Sherpany
  9. Boardadvantage
  10. Boardeffect

It also should be mentioned that board meetings can be connected using a mobile phone connection. Documents can be exchanged via videoconferencing, which significantly increases the efficiency of meetings compared to traditional paper formats. During the meeting, you can take notes, record the broadcast, and use the online whiteboard to visualize the issues discussed. The main advantage of this software solution is that it automates data exchange and the work with documents during preparing and conveying the meeting. In addition, board software functions for automatic generation of protocol files, and reports, saving time by eliminating routine operations for documenting the meeting results.

Each team member working on the project can connect to the editing of all related documents at any time. Several people can work on the same document at the same time. It is especially useful when working with tables and databases.