Do Data Storage Companies Provide Ai-based Data Analytics Services?

A deep understanding of data is critical to building a successful organization. Data analytics is the process of transforming raw data into actionable knowledge.

Minimized Risks with Ai-Based Data Analytics Services

People who tend to favor tactics are looking for a single solution to all problems. They are actively using the latest tactics or channels instead of learning from experiments and making decisions from them. These professionals only scratch the surface, scatter, but never dig deep enough to find the treasure.

Before moving to the Ai-based data analytics model, experts highlight the key risks that may arise during integration. This is non-compliance with time resources, which will entail additional financial investments and an increase in the project budget; loss of key competencies; loss of customers and business in favor of competitors; increased operational risks due to new unfamiliar processes; damage to reputation due to poor management of internal and external communications and perceptions of the transaction in the market. 

In order to minimize these risks and successfully integrate companies need a clear project management approach. Moreover, through carefully planned and organized integration, the company will be able to gain the added value that lies in a stronger competitive position in the market, and improved cost/income ratio, and a cohesive workforce ready to work for the company’s prosperity. This phase is crucial for successful integration since it is here that you need to project the results of the analysis at the previous stage and determine the target indicators of the new company.

Before starting the Ai-based data analytics with data storage companies, it is necessary to take time to fully structure the tasks, since this process will require the involvement of the top management of both organizations, a clear definition of goals and priorities, transparent and fast communication, and the involvement of experienced project managers. At this stage, a comprehensive analysis of the merging companies (competitive positions, business strategies, operating models, sources of risks) is envisaged in order to build a joint future model that will strengthen the company’s position in the market and allow achieving synergies.

5 Evaluation Methods of Ai-Based Analytics Services

In order to evaluate whether electronic data room providers provide Ai-based data analytics services, experts offer five evaluation methods/tools:

  • Risk assessment of research projects – an expert system that assesses the risks of a particular company in the context of the market average.
  • Project positioning – a systematic approach to determining options for project development at early stages, depending on the target parameters, market situation, and the position of the project in the general pool.
  • Screening of project innovation – a method for assessing the attractiveness of early parameters before the general concept is approved. The main criteria in this assessment are novelty, usefulness, market potential.
  • Competitiveness Modeling is a forecasting tool for post-component/parameter assessment. The tool allows you to make a rating of product characteristics in comparison with competitive ones.
  • Simulation according to the virtual data room method – the method allows you to determine the level at which it is impossible to accept the risk, that is, the probability of reaching the minimum level of return.

The ability of any enterprise to Ai-based data is limited. The degree of this limitation depends on the availability and practice of organizing information systems, organizing document circulation and storing documents, and the number of competent employees who can be involved in the process. Accordingly, there is no point in asking for more information than the organization can provide.